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How likely is to have your personal identity stolen?

Although computers have become more reliable and secure as technology has evolved, no computing system, social media account, or bank information is truly secure. Just as technology has advanced, so have the ways criminals and scammers can acquire your personal information. According to Ben Taylor from in fact, internet users had a one in three chance of getting personal... Read More
net neutrality News Technology 

Net Neutrality is Being Threatened Once Again

In a classic battle between the little guys and the big corporations, net neutrality has been a recurring point of conflict. Net neutrality is the principle that internet traffic should be treated uniformly by every service provider rather than certain types of data receiving special priority. In the past few years, the debate has been coming up more and more,... Read More
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Cold hard facts v Showmanship: Does the e-learning approach matter?

Khan Academy, Crash Course, TEDx Talks, Brave Wilderness – these are just some of the e-learning educational channels available on YouTube, discussing everything from high-school physics to brain-computer interfaces and outdoor education. But what exactly is attractive about these channels and what do they strive to achieve? Read More
Sir Tim Berners-Lee News Technology 

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Turing Award winner comes out against U.S. attempts to remove the people’s internet privacy rights

Last week, the U.S. Senate voted 50 to 48 to take away the privacy rights of Internet users, a successful first step for continued deregulation of the internet sector, with the end goal being ISP providers being able to sell their customers’ browsing history and habits. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Turing Award winner and the creator of the world wide web,... Read More

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