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Net Neutrality is Being Threatened Once Again

In a classic battle between the little guys and the big corporations, net neutrality has been a recurring point of conflict. Net neutrality is the principle that internet traffic should be treated uniformly by every service provider rather than certain types of data receiving special priority. In the past few years, the debate has been coming up more and more,... Read More
LIGO and NASA detect gravitational waves third time News Science Technology 

LIGO and NASA detect gravitational waves for the third time

On January 4th 2017, the ground-based twin Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) facilities in Washington and Louisiana detected an event that transpired in our universe over three billion years ago. Yes, you read that right. The LIGO successfully detected the gravitational waves that were caused by the collision of two black holes billions of years before Earth became what it... Read More
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A Brief History of Cats; how felines became human ancient companions

A much-loved and very popular pet, domestic cats have one of the more interesting relationships with humans over time. Originally associated to the Ancient Egyptians over 3,600 years ago, cats have actually been around humans for a lot longer – closer to 9,500 years according to the findings of an archaeological dig in Cyprus. The cats from that era however,... Read More
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Could medical push for human cloning change the tide of public opinion?

From a scientific stand point cloning happens every day, let it be through the replication of cells, plant propagation or certain types of asexual reproduction; however, it is human cloning that usually ignites a fierce debate. From both an ethical and moral standpoint, human cloning has always raised several issues regarding the reasons and motivations behind it. Whilst religion is... Read More
charles robert darwin News Science 

200 years later, Charles Darwin’s contribution to science continues to show

Two hundred years after his birth, Charles Darwin still remains the most influential naturalist and scientist in our history. The English biologist is of course renowned for the publishing of his manuscript On the Origin of Species, which lay the groundwork for the theory of evolution as well as being the first to observe and explain a multitude of species,... Read More
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In a crowded renewable energy market, does Biofuel have the same appeal it used to have?

Biofuels have been at the centre of a multitude of discussions within the energy sector over the years. Although it has been researched for almost as long as we’ve had vehicles capable of locomotion, biofuels have yet to be considered a viable option to replace fossil fuels – but why is that? Read More

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