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Could medical push for human cloning change the tide of public opinion?

From a scientific stand point cloning happens every day, let it be through the replication of cells, plant propagation or certain types of asexual reproduction; however, it is human cloning that usually ignites a fierce debate. From both an ethical and moral standpoint, human cloning has always raised several issues regarding the reasons and motivations behind it. Whilst religion is... Read More
Pharmaceuticals: Money or Health? How different healthcares systems can affect your wellbeing. News Science 

Pharmaceuticals: Money or Health? How different healthcare’s systems can affect your wellbeing.

Side effects may include: death, physical debilitation, stroke or heart conditions. When taking prescription medication, that isn’t the warning label you’d expect or even want to see plastered on the side of the container. However, those are exactly some of the side effects listed on different prescription drugs available with a doctor’s note – but isn’t medication supposed to cure... Read More
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Two years removed from Zika outbreak sees researchers still working towards a vaccine

Almost two years after the initial outbreak, a Zika vaccine is still in the works, with researchers confident they are moving closer to a finished product. Along with Ebola, Zika was the main story on the news for several months during 2015/2016, when both were raging in West Africa and South America, respectively. Whilst both epidemics were effectively managed, the... Read More
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Lets take a moment to talk about depression (mental health disorder help)

Mental Depression. An affliction that affects several million people worldwide regardless of age, gender, social standing or location. Described as a chemical imbalance affecting people’s behaviours, feelings and emotions, its indiscriminate nature has become more and more prevalent in recent times, thanks in part to the prevalence of social media, the internet and other forms of communication. People who have... Read More
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Crispr-Cas13a enzyme can detect specific disease strains within hours, from only small blood samples

When it isn’t involved in a messy patent appeal between MIT & UC Berkeley or being used to try and bring back Woolly mammoths, the Crispr gene editing software is being used to pioneer new depths in genetics. Except this time, it is the Crispr-Cas13a enzyme currently taking the biomedical field by storm. A team of scientists from several esteemed... Read More
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New cancer study reveals that “bad luck” more of a factor than behavior

A new study has shed some light on the causes of cancer mutations, with researchers finding that 66% of all genetic mutations leading to cancerous cells are caused by simple random errors during cell replication more so than environmental, lifestyle or hereditary factors. The team from John Hopkins University have only just recently published their results in the journal Science. Read More

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