Pharmaceuticals: Money or Health? How different healthcares systems can affect your wellbeing. News Science 

Pharmaceuticals: Money or Health? How different healthcare’s systems can affect your wellbeing.

Side effects may include: death, physical debilitation, stroke or heart conditions. When taking prescription medication, that isn’t the warning label you’d expect or even want to see plastered on the side of the container. However, those are exactly some of the side effects listed on different prescription drugs available with a doctor’s note – but isn’t medication supposed to cure... Read More
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Investors worth $20+ Trillion team up to defend the environment

With mounting speculation surrounding the United States’ commitment to COP21, several of the world’s biggest investors have teamed together to maintain pressure on governments who aren’t on track to stick to their commitments. Together, these investors are worth over $20 trillion, and are the second conglomerate of influential people to team up and fight for climate action following the lead... Read More
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Advanced Micro Devices Company Stock Rises With Record Numbers

In the past decade, we’ve seen substantial growth in the area of computer processing technology, both for gaming and professional-grade use. It’s no secret that one semiconductor company, Intel, champions the production and market share of technology such as microchips. One of their competitors, and one of the only ones that pose a true threat to Intel’s market share, just... Read More
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SpaceX’s successful Dragon Capsule could be the first step towards space travel

After a historic launch from Cape Canaveral last month, SpaceX’s Dragon Capsule returned from its’ duties at the International Space Station carrying over 3,800 lbs of materials and scientific data from the international crew of astronauts on board. This successful round trip is yet another major victory for Elon Musk’s space company, as they hope to expand their services from... Read More
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Snapchat overtakes Twitter for biggest social media IPO

Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc., has officially filed paperwork to begin its’ initial public offering, which is expected to raise over $3 Billion. The popular picture-based app will only sell non-voting shares once it goes public on the New York Stock Exchange, where it will trade under the symbol “SNAP”. Originally created in 2011, Snapchat has grown to become a... Read More
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Apple Starts 2017 Strong in Profit Margins

Apple Inc. climbed out of a three straight quarter losing streak during which time revenues fell, fell, and fell. Strong demand for the iPhone 7 has raised investors’ hopes that this company and its recent reinvention was not all for nothing. The newest smartphone model, released back in September has increase iPhone shipments by 5% more than the last three... Read More

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