climate change News Science 

Despite climate diversity, temperature rise will affect everyone similarly

From the permafrost that adorns the grounds of Siberia to the sun-kissed dunes of the Sahara, our planet boasts a variety of different climate types. There are five major climate classifications consisting of Tropical, Dry, Moderate, Continental and Polar climates, with several sub-types such as wet and dry tropics. These climates have led to the rich biodiversity our planet enjoys,... Read More
Bats; friend or foe?, Fruit Bat Science 

Bats: Foe or Friend?

Bats are some of the most unique animals on the planet, one of the only mammals capable of flight with capabilities that differentiate it from the rest of the animal kingdom, they are one of nature’s most intriguing species. With its 1,240 different species making up 20% of all classified mammal species worldwide, bats are the second largest order or... Read More
cats News Science 

A Brief History of Cats; how felines became human ancient companions

A much-loved and very popular pet, domestic cats have one of the more interesting relationships with humans over time. Originally associated to the Ancient Egyptians over 3,600 years ago, cats have actually been around humans for a lot longer – closer to 9,500 years according to the findings of an archaeological dig in Cyprus. The cats from that era however,... Read More
Atmospheric River* News Science 

Oroville Dam near-failure shines light on Atmospheric Rivers

The Oroville dam in California has been the cause of much concern over the past week, with torrential rain pushing it to its’ limits, leading authorities to evacuate over 180,000 people whose homes could be destroyed by a potential failure of the dam’s spillway system. Whilst the Oroville dam held-fast and the risk of a failure is considered to have... Read More
New Zealand Whales News Science 

Over 250 whales dead after mass stranding in New Zealand

A mass stranding of more than 400 pilot whales off the coast of New Zealand led over 500 volunteers to the beaches to try and save the marine creatures. The beaching on New Zealand’s Farewell Spit nature reserve is being described as the third-largest whale beaching in the country’s history, it still remains unclear what led to it. Scientists have... Read More
Amazon Stonehenge alike reference News Science 

Ancient earthworks uncovered in the Amazon Jungle

Hundreds of ancient earthworks have been discovered in the Amazon, which up until now, had been lost to nature over the years, and have only recently reclaimed by deforestation. The structures, described as ditched enclosures, are contained within an area roughly 13,000 km2 within the Brazilian rainforest. Hypotheses abound, from village borders to defensive erections, but they have all been... Read More
Frog tongue News Science 

New research reveals the power behind frog’s tongues and their ability to catch prey

A new study published on February 1st, 2017 by The Royal Society has shone some light on the science behind frogs’ very distinctive ability to catch prey. The paper, co-authored by scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Atlanta Botanical Garden, made some very interesting discoveries surrounding the adhesive nature of a frogs’ tongue. Read More
Microfossils ancestor in China News Science 

Human’s earliest known ancestor found in China

A microscopic bag-like sea creature found in China is believed to be our earliest known ancestor according to research published in the journal Nature. The 540 million year old microfossil, Saccorhytus coronarius, was analysed by a range of experts from several leading universities including Cambridge and Northwest, and is now thought to be the common ancestor of a very large... Read More

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