Skull fragments found, not Denisovans* News Science 

Skull fragments found in China confirm existence of previously unrecorded human ancestor

A team of Chinese and American scientists have uncovered more information about an elusive human ancestor known as the Denisovans. Dating back roughly 125,000 years, these ice age humans are as mysterious as they hard to unearth, with up until recently, only several bone fragments found in Siberia proving their existence. Read More
mammoth clone News Technology 

Scientists believe they are on the verge of bringing Woolly Mammoth back from extinction

Since 2015, a team of Harvard scientists have been working tirelessly to try recreate the DNA sequence for the Woolly mammoth. The driving force behind their efforts is the hope that they could bring back the long-lost creature from extinction using the embryo and genetic closeness of one of its’ closest living relatives, the Asian elephant. Read More
Microfossils ancestor in China News Science 

Human’s earliest known ancestor found in China

A microscopic bag-like sea creature found in China is believed to be our earliest known ancestor according to research published in the journal Nature. The 540 million year old microfossil, Saccorhytus coronarius, was analysed by a range of experts from several leading universities including Cambridge and Northwest, and is now thought to be the common ancestor of a very large... Read More

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