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What exactly is your morning coffee doing to you?

If I told you that every day, a large portion of the world’s population enjoyed a psychoactive drug on more than one occasion, would you believe me? Except this is exactly what caffeine is. Considered the world’s most consumed psychoactive drug due to its ability to stimulate our central nervous system, caffeine comes in a range of mediums: usually coffee,... Read More
Flat earth theory Science 

Flat Earth theorists: remnants of a bygone era

When humans began sailing across vast oceans in the search for fertile land, other civilizations and fame, it was a common school of thought that if you sailed too far into the unknown that you’d fall off the face of the Earth. That is because many cultures believed the Earth to be flat, and the myth was perpetrated across centuries... Read More
classical conditioning labradoodle Science 

How Pavlov’s dog’s laid the platform for modern classical conditioning

Pavlov’s dog has always been used as the prime example of classical conditioning – which some even call Pavlovian conditioning – but what exactly is it? Simply put, classical conditioning is the act of associating a biological stimulus with a neutral one to elicit a physical response. In the case of Pavlov, he used a bell (neutral stimulus) to indicate... Read More
What exactly is a dream A scientific analysis Science 

What exactly is a dream? A scientific analysis.

Sigmund Freud believed that dreams are a window into our unconscious, with recent studies into psychology and neurology proving that the renowned scientist may have been onto something. From a scientific stand point, dreams are the by-product of our brain processing random stimuli from our subconscious whilst we are in R.E.M (Random Eye Movement) sleep, or our deepest form of... Read More
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Livestreaming: The science behind the fad

Occasionally, the International Space Station livestreams the landscape it sees outside of its’ portholes. The US Park’s Department has several cameras set up in its’ parks showing live feeds of several interesting animals, from bald eagles to just serene country-sides. From time to time marine biologists livestream their deep-sea expeditions for thousands of intrigued people. Now, you can join several... Read More

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