How do startup companies compare to conventional business model News Technology 

How do startup companies compare to conventional business model?

With television shows like Silicon Valley and Halt and Catch Fire highlighting the culture surrounding startup companies, public interest in the lore of these often times unconventional environments continues to rise. With these 21st century companies rejecting the status quo of uniformity and a homogenized workforce, millennials entering the “working world” are regularly drawn towards these companies. But what is... Read More
net neutrality News Technology 

Net Neutrality is Being Threatened Once Again

In a classic battle between the little guys and the big corporations, net neutrality has been a recurring point of conflict. Net neutrality is the principle that internet traffic should be treated uniformly by every service provider rather than certain types of data receiving special priority. In the past few years, the debate has been coming up more and more,... Read More
math education e-learning youtube video News Science Technology 

Cold hard facts v Showmanship: Does the e-learning approach matter?

Khan Academy, Crash Course, TEDx Talks, Brave Wilderness – these are just some of the e-learning educational channels available on YouTube, discussing everything from high-school physics to brain-computer interfaces and outdoor education. But what exactly is attractive about these channels and what do they strive to achieve? Read More
mental disorder depression, health News Science 

Lets take a moment to talk about depression (mental health disorder help)

Mental Depression. An affliction that affects several million people worldwide regardless of age, gender, social standing or location. Described as a chemical imbalance affecting people’s behaviours, feelings and emotions, its indiscriminate nature has become more and more prevalent in recent times, thanks in part to the prevalence of social media, the internet and other forms of communication. People who have... Read More
tree stump on mars fake Science 

Mars’ “ancient tree stump” an example in how fake news has gained a foothold in today’s media

The internet, as it so often does, has taken a non-story and run with it. After recent photos from Mars were released, several sensationalist news sites published stories revolving around an “ancient tree stump” that NASA had apparently discovered. This ancient tree stump, which scientists identified as an irregular rock pattern, has taken a life of its own through the... Read More
drone image of ice crack, not Greenland rift or crack News Science 

Greenland’s Petermann Glacier could calve after rift appears

After a major calving event earlier this year, we could be due for another with the Petermann Glacier in Greenland showing signs of stress after a growing rift was observed by a remote sensing satellite operated by the Netherlands’ Delft University of Technology. The Petermann Glacier is located on Greenland’s north-west coast and covers almost 1,300 square kilometres. Its floating... Read More
children using laptop for livestream video* News Science Technology 

Livestreaming: The science behind the fad

Occasionally, the International Space Station livestreams the landscape it sees outside of its’ portholes. The US Park’s Department has several cameras set up in its’ parks showing live feeds of several interesting animals, from bald eagles to just serene country-sides. From time to time marine biologists livestream their deep-sea expeditions for thousands of intrigued people. Now, you can join several... Read More

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