The New Audi A8 allows you to watch TV when driving News Technology 

The New Audi A8 allows you to watch TV when driving, autonomous

Movies have given car manufacturers the opportunity to show off their latest models for many years now – the recent blockbuster Spider-Man: Homecoming is no exception. Showing the new Audi A8 luxury sedan in all of its technological glory in the movie does nothing short of skyrocket public interest in the car. With level three autonomy and a mild hybrid... Read More
gasoline diesel biofuel petrol News Science Technology 

In a crowded renewable energy market, does Biofuel have the same appeal it used to have?

Biofuels have been at the centre of a multitude of discussions within the energy sector over the years. Although it has been researched for almost as long as we’ve had vehicles capable of locomotion, biofuels have yet to be considered a viable option to replace fossil fuels – but why is that? Read More
electric car News Technology 

Electric Car Comparison (going green): Tesla vs Chevy Bolt EV vs Nissan Leaf vs BMW i3 EV

It has become commonly accepted that electric cars are the future and they are going to change the world. Fossil fuels are slowly ruining the environment and any big push towards an economy that isn’t so dependent on oil will result in huge gains for the entire globe. The four biggest contenders to dominate the electric car space are the... Read More

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