Blue Origin Rocket News Science Technology 

Blue Origin reveals its New Glenn rocket, the largest heavy-lift rocket ever designed

After remaining tight-lipped about its upcoming project, Blue Origin has unveiled its’ New Glenn rocket to the public, with it expected to soar into the skies for the first time in 2019. Named after the first American astronaut to orbit Earth, John Glenn, New Glenn is currently the biggest and most powerful rocket on the market. Standing at and impressive... Read More
Uber Photo News Technology 

Uber Problems Surface as Sexual Harassment Allegations

The word today is full of leaders, political and professional, who have led many an individual down the path toward inappropriate behavior, simply by example. In the case of the newly elected American president Donald Trump, some might argue that he embodies both. Now, young men are looking up to leaders who have inadvertently taught them that sexual harassment is... Read More
SpaceX Falcon 9 News Science Technology 

SpaceX launches a historic first successful private rocket from NASA’s Cape Canaveral

The International Space Station (ISS) is set to receive some very historic cargo, with SpaceX launching the first ever private rocket from NASA’s launch facilities in Cape Canaveral, Florida. True to its’ past achievements, SpaceX was also able to guide and land its’ booster nearby, which added yet another success to the day’s action. Read More
Tesla Autopilot In Action News Technology 

Tesla Autopilot is Cleared for Driving: Owners Enjoying Autosteer 2.0

Twitter, the new source of adjustments, minor changes, and now presidential updates, is where Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the Enhanced Autopilot launch. New vehicles equipped with “hardware 2” will now enjoy this over-the-air software update, an update which will include the Low-Speed Autosteer, Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, and Forward Collision Warning features. Read More

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