Jupiter Red Spot picture from Juno Small News Science 

Juno Spacecraft takes detailed photos of Jupiter’s Big Red Spot

NASA’s Juno mission has taken some new breathtaking pictures of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. The JunoCam mounted on the satellite took some detailed photos of one of the gas giant’s major features. All the photos were then compiled by several citizen scientists, who were then able to put forward enhanced-color imagery of the spot. These images have taken the space... Read More
The New Audi A8 allows you to watch TV when driving News Technology 

The New Audi A8 allows you to watch TV when driving, autonomous

Movies have given car manufacturers the opportunity to show off their latest models for many years now – the recent blockbuster Spider-Man: Homecoming is no exception. Showing the new Audi A8 luxury sedan in all of its technological glory in the movie does nothing short of skyrocket public interest in the car. With level three autonomy and a mild hybrid... Read More
volcanic erruption, yellowstone super volcano News Science 

With Yellowstone National Park showing signs of activity, what could we expect a super-volcano eruption to look like?

Yellowstone National Park, one of the stars of the world-ending disaster movie ‘2012’, has experienced an unprecedented series of small earthquakes, 464 in fact, which has had many people worried about that it could lead to the super volcano to explode. Thankfully, scientists don’t believe that these small quakes are anything to worry about, noting they’ve happened in smaller swarms... Read More
identifying different cloud types Science 

A beginner’s guide to identifying different cloud types

Contrary to popular belief, clouds aren’t made of cotton candy, but of a conglomerate of cool water vapor that has condensed due to the temperature at higher altitudes. The altitude at which the condensation happens depends on the humidity and the rate at which temperature drops with elevation. Additionally, different weather conditions greatly affect the ability of cloud formation, understandably,... Read More
green caterpillar, fake, glued, plants, scientists News Science 

Fake caterpillars help researchers learn more about predation habits

In a bid to determine how predation habits changed around the world, a team of scientists created and then dispersed almost 2,900 fake caterpillars across 31 different sites ranging from the Arctic Circle to Australia. The fake caterpillars were created with green plasticine, not uncommon to that used by children, and thanks to the material’s malleable properties, was able to... Read More

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